The power to only give a thumbs down rating.

The power to be able to turn any internet connection into dial up. Instantly

The power to stretch your arms to any length but without the ability to revert them back to normal.

The power to always be the third in the slowest supermarket lines.

The power to poop AAA batteries when you only need AA's.

The ability to compare apples to oranges.

The ability to crap out acid once every month.

The ability to see the future through the eyes of people you don't know in places you can never go while you are doing life threatening work.

The power to switch on clappers by snapping your fingers

the ability to tell what some last ate smelling their farts

The power to sneeze scissors

THE SUPER FRIENDS HEROES LEAGUE OF SUPER HEROES OF LESSER USEFUL HEROES! KNIGHT FARTSALOT!: Fear my methane! You and me in one small room for 3 days and you will faint for sure! Uncle Diabeetush: Save their parents Captain! Ill take care of their children! Captain Novolin: I have great sugar level control! Help me! Evil Mistress Sugarpie is too sweet! Runald MagnifiCient Donalds: HAMBARGAR HAMBARGAR HAMBARGAR WOOOOO! I keep American people from starvation! Remember kids less than 250 pounds counts as starvation! And their LEADER... MORAL MAN!: The hell am I introducing myself here for? Damn you Subconscious! How can you expect people to understand my genius of putting myself here! They are morons! Oh... hi everybody.. wazzup?

the power to concentrate all the oil and grease in your body into one mega zit that you can pop at people, and possibly use as a propulsion system....if oily enough

The power to have any nice guy, but they're all gay.

The power to pick thing up with your feet

The ability to teleport to any place in the universe, but only if it is currently occupied by something else

The power to do a wheelie on. Unicycle

The ability to laugh at migits at inapropriet times.

The power to enlarge your penis but only when you use a penis pump.

the power to jerk off

The power to grow or shrink your height by 6 inches at will, but everytime you do, you grow an extra toe.

the power to write on cellophane

The power to be a toilet but you can´t transform back again for the hole eternity and you still keep your sense of smell and taste.

The power to fly 3 inches.

Pointless Super Powers

A pointless super power is a supernatural ability that has no practical value. The humor is in the fact that you would be better of without that special ability. Enjoy this funny collection of pointless superpowers and write you own!