The ability to know the current mood of your doppleganger.

The power to lose your voice when you yell a lot.

The power to smell like poop once every hour.

The power of bullet atraction

the power to mumble every word wile you are with some one

Th pwr t frgt vwls.

The power to be allergic to cat hair.

The power to only drink when your parents are watching.

The power to have a very keen sense of smell 24/7 but only when a fart is present

The power to whipe the floor with your face.

The power to be able to fall asleep instantly

The power to lift objects that weigh less than a gram

The power to switch any physical traits with your own reflection in the mirror.

the ability to have children fully grown

The power to fart to inside. By mouth.

Tah Puwir tu wright currectili

The power to create little lightning bolts, but only by peeing on a electrical device, you can create little tiny lightning bolts.

The power to know what you do when you discuss the secret formula on the third Wednesday in January and it's not raining outside after we've gargled with vanilla pudding.

The power to pee and poop at the same time.

Pointless Super Powers

A pointless super power is a supernatural ability that has no practical value. The humor is in the fact that you would be better of without that special ability. Enjoy this funny collection of pointless superpowers and write you own!