The power to move you right eye into the position of your left and vise versa, but only when you are sleeping.

The power to do nothing at all without getting bored or tired.

The Power To Explode Only When You Are In Underwater And Not In The Earth's Atmosphere And In A Room Made Of Diamond

The abillity to laugh hystericaly at theese superpowers, But only when On the toilet pooping.

The power to be hating when you see me rollin. Moral: ;D

the ability to constantly have the fever

My charms is my superpower, but damn I cant shut up after spending some quality time with the ladies! WOOOOOOOOOOOOOT! MY BODY WAS NOT READY! I feel like yelling out my real name, but you know, if you know me (I am easily recognizable) the girls I spend time with would feel like I am bragging about them, and I am not, I am simply celebrating my conquest, you see, you came, you saw... BUT I CONQUERED! WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOT Moral: Feel free to thumb this down, my superpowers need to be contained, or else I will beep my way to an early grave! Girls, mwah... and you know, just dodge the kiss if you cant handle love personified, they arent homing nor anything... Should I ask my doctor if she has any medications that will help me wire down after uh... Multiple female company? HAHAHAHAAAAAAH!... The thought made me kinda sad, im better, now just to prove to my company here that I got balls of steel, I am gonna post this and let you judge me all you want! BECAUSE YOU CANT HAVE EM!

The power to poop and pee at the same time

the power to sit down BUT you have to sit down for ever

The ability to understand everything about a language after 100 years of intense studying when you could be doing something more interesting.

the ability to un-dank any meme

The power to...lick you're nose

the power to tie your shoelaces with one hand

The superpower to know everything about the earth today after 2.5trillion years have passed

The power to make an awesome school lunch for the kids!

I HAVE A TINY PINGAS! (Penis) Moral: Ladyfriend here daring me to post this here, PFF! Is that even a dare? I got balls of steel! Oh, and I should totally ask my doctor if she can give me something that helps me unwind after multiple female company, or at least they are daring me all to type that pff! Im not even good looking... And noooooo, nobody dared me to type that, they want todeeeeeeeeeellllllllteeeeeeeeee tht BUTI SHALLOOOWWWWWWINSSSSSSSS

The power to f*ck yourself

the power to turn into the hardest material in the whole of space but while in that mode you cant move

The power to turn gold into stones.

Pointless Super Powers

A pointless super power is a supernatural ability that has no practical value. The humor is in the fact that you would be better of without that special ability. Enjoy this funny collection of pointless superpowers and write you own!