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Are You A Zombie?

  • How to make this power easier Step 1. Run at wall Step 2. Jump Step 3. Phaze through wall Step 4. Solidify before you hit the ground

  • The power to complete a rubix cube but only when your not holding a rubix cube

  • "Just put the floors where the walls are and the walls where the floors are perfect!"

  • The power to smell food, but only that from a dumpster.

  • And everybody walks the dinosaur?

  • The power to permanently feel all pain every single person has and will ever have.

  • just jump before activating it

  • hey its great!!!

  • Just put the floors where the walls are and the walls where the floors are perfect!

  • Dude, look at the wording of this power. You'd fall through floors but not through shoes right? Wear shoes and you'd never fall through. Although it does mean if you are not naked you cant go through walls anyways....

  • Through ceilings?

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  • The power to be able to fix things when they don't need to be fixed

  • The power to have some rest when sleeping

  • Even if you couldn't control the power it still wouldn't be totally useless. Think about it. If you can walk thru the wall and technically the floors as well you could still sneak into areas. Assuming the floor isn't above head height. Then you could still walk in, but you would only be chest height or so.

  • Can you learn to control it? If so, this can be very useful.

Pointless Super Powers

A pointless super power is a supernatural ability that has no practical value. The humor is in the fact that you would be better of without that special ability. Enjoy this funny collection of pointless superpowers and write you own!