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Are You A Zombie?

  • Just shot yourself in the head 10 times and become more than 100% bulletproof

  • The power to teleport 0.000000001cm far?

  • why not add another 37% :P

  • Unfortunately, being bullet proof does not help with being homework-proof from school. Especially when you waste your time sitting around making comments on pointless super powers and sometimes making your own.

  • 13% of your body should be randomly bullet proof, and it resets every day when you wake up!

  • Is 13 percent of your total body bullet proof, or is all of it only 13 percent proof. I need to know urgently.

  • Now you can have BB gun fights with absolutely no risk!

  • so there is a chance that you might live but more likely die?

  • Does this mean 13% of your body is bullet proof, or your body is 13% more bullet resistant?

Pointless Super Powers

A pointless super power is a supernatural ability that has no practical value. The humor is in the fact that you would be better of without that special ability. Enjoy this funny collection of pointless superpowers and write you own!