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Are You A Zombie?

  • But hold on. If you are invisible then nobody is ever looking at you because you are invisible and it's not possible for them to observe you. So therefore it's a very useful power - you just have to turn invisible with noone around.

  • Lol!

  • With that power you could know if you're being watched.

  • this is definitely from mystery men!

  • If no one is looking at you, you're transparent to light. If animals don't count as someone, then you'd find plenty of use for this skill, at least in certain occupations that require working with animals. If you have to be directly observed, then you could be a master thief, since cameras and lasers wouldn't detect your presence. You could sneak into a jewelry store after-hours, swallow the jewelry, and leave. And if neither of those are the case, you'd be a very good observation alarm. If light bounces off of you, then someone or some thing is looking. You would make a very good security addition to certain alarm systems. Any way you look at it, someone with this power would be very well paid for the rest of their life. This power is far from useless.

  • ....what is so pointles about robbing banks at night without leaving any evidence?

  • Good one :D

  • mystery men! haha

  • I was going to make a negative comment but thinking about it it is quite pointless and you are still invisible to yourself so it is quite good

  • Do they have to specifically be LOOKING at you, or just in their field of vision? Also, does it apply to machines? Are you invisible to a security camera if there isn't someone looking through it?

  • to be able to poo when you like

  • I would love to have this ability. "....what is so pointles about robbing banks at night without leaving any evidence?" There would still be evidence. Just because you are invisible doesn't mean you are not there.

  • would not be entirely useless as security cameras are not people looking at you.

  • I

  • I'm triddered

  • i feel like i saw this in a movie

Pointless Super Powers

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